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Candidate Management

The Candidates section enables users to view and manage applicant profiles, including reviewing resumes, conducting interviews and/or leaving notes.

Within this section, you'll discover a suite of intuitive tools meticulously designed to streamline every facet of candidate interaction, from initial application to final hire.

  1. Navigate to the "Candidates" section on the menu.

  2. Click on the "Add Candidate" button placed at the top right of the screen.

  3. There you’ll see two options to add a new candidate

    - Upload or Drag & Drop the CV (Accepts docx/doc/pdf file formats).

    - Add manually.

  4. Save the changes, and the candidate will be added to your account.

Upload/Drag & Drop the CV:

  • A CV parser extracts the information from the CV. 

 (!!! Review the Candidate form before saving it, because some data may be missing or in need of editing.) 

Filling the form manually:

  • Fill in the candidate’s information

ONLY Admins and Recruiters can create new Candidates.

Candidate Listing Page: 

On the Candidate page, you'll find a list of candidates with details including their Name, Job Title, Phone Number, Email and the recruiter responsible. Each candidate has an “Edit” button for making changes.

Searching, Filtering, and Sorting:

At the top of the Candidate Page, users can access the “Search”, “Filter”, and “Sort” bar. Here, users can search for candidates by skills, filter them by Candidate Name, Job Title, Location, Working Method & Source, or sort them alphabetically by Name (Ascending/Descending), by creation date (Newest/Oldest), or by update date (Newest/Oldest). Additionally, the bar displays the total number of listed Candidates.

Candidate Details:

Clicking on a Candidate's name directs you to their details page, where you can find all the provided information, including accessing any notes or comments added and checking if they're already in the system, by clicking on the ‘Duplicate check’ button. The user also has the option to assign or unassign Candidates to specific jobs from the 'Jobs' tab.

When an email is provided,  you can directly send an email to the candidate (if an email is provided) by clicking on the envelope icon next to the email address.  The “History” section shows all activity related to the candidate, and you can filter this history by different actions or dates.

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