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Dashboard Overview

On the Dashboard, users can access a comprehensive overview of essential recruitment tools and data for efficient management.

The Dashboard is the central hub, consisting of various components:

Once you have landed on the dashboard, you can find your profile settings in the top right corner. Next to the profile icon, you'll see the notification panel, which provides detailed updates on new notifications.

  • Hiring Pipeline Component: This component displays the 6 latest jobs you’re assigned to, sorted by priority. From here you can see a quick snapshot of the recruitment stages (Applicants, Screening, Interview, Offer, Hired) and the number of candidates on each stage.


If there are no data to show, the user will see an 'Add a job' button to create a new one which will then be shown in the Hiring Pipeline Component.

  • Suggested Candidates: On the right side of the Hiring Pipeline component, there is a slider of Candidates, suggested for the jobs on the Hiring Pipeline (these are candidates that are not assigned on these jobs). Here you can see the Candidate Name, Job title and the percentage of matching skills for the given job.


If there are no data to show, the user will see a 'View Candidates' button which will send the user to the Candidate listing page.

  • My Tasks: Adaptive ATS has implemented a 'My Task' component, enabling users to utilise it as an agenda. This feature allows users to add tasks for daily activities, helping them organise and manage their workload efficiently


If there are no data to show, the user will see a 'Add Task' button to create tasks which then will be displayed in the 'My Task' component.

  • Weekly KPI: We also offer a feature for tracking weekly Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), allowing users to monitor and manage their performance targets on a weekly basis.


If there are no data to show, the user will see a 'Set KPIs' button for users to set their own Weekly KPIs.

  • Event Calendar: The Adaptive ATS Interface includes an event calendar that’s integrated with Google Calendar and allows users to schedule and manage important recruitment-related events, such as interviews, assessments, and meetings. This feature helps users stay organised and ensures timely coordination.


If the user hasn't connected their Calendar, a 'Connect your Calendar' button is shown for users to do so.

  • Hiring Sources Chart: A chart next to the Event Calendar provides insights into the hiring sources for the listed live positions. This chart helps users analyse the effectiveness of different sourcing channels and make data-driven decisions.

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