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Upgrade Your Recruitment Process Using a Mobile Friendly ATS

Mobile Friendly Adaptive ATS

Think about how many people have phones nowadays. Lots! There are roughly 6.920 billion smartphone users across the world. Most of us are likely to search, apply and often conduct a job interview using a mobile phone. This is precisely where the invaluable role of recruiters comes into play – serving as the bridge that connects talented individuals with the right jobs. Recruiters can't ignore phones – they need to use them too. However, as technology continues to reshape our lives, the question arises: How can recruiters elevate their performance even further? The answer lies in the utilization of a powerful tool known as a mobile-friendly Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

So, how exactly does a Mobile-Friendly ATS enhance the capabilities of recruiters?

First and foremost, it widens the scope of job listings, ensuring that they reach a larger and more diverse audience. Inevitably, this expanded reach enhances the probability of discovering the ideal candidate for a given role. With job seekers scrolling through listings on their smartphones, the modern recruiter cannot afford to underestimate the potential of mobile platforms.

Furthermore, it means that recruiters and job seekers can communicate quickly. This instant interaction isn't limited by distance, so recruiters can easily answer questions, give updates, and have ongoing conversations. Recruiters can even review job applications and talk to potential candidates while they're not in the office, making the hiring process faster even when they're not at their desks.

The advantages continue to unfold when it comes to decision-making. Being able to look at candidate profiles and read notes while not in one place, gives recruiters more flexibility than before. This flexibility makes hiring faster and helps recruiters choose the right candidates that match their company's goals and needs.

Additionally, it shows potential candidates that the company is not only forward-looking but also cares about its employees' well-being and comfort. This small but important action can help attract really good talent to the organization, building a workforce that's not only skilled but also inspired by the company's dedication to being modern and innovative.

Want to try out how a mobile friendly ATS feels like? Have a look at the newest addition to the ATS markets: Adaptive ATS


In the world of hiring, a mobile-friendly ATS stands out as a crucial tool that helps recruiters reach out to a large group of job seekers who mainly use mobile devices for job hunting. By making job searches and hiring easier on smartphones, recruiters can find and hire the best candidates for their companies more efficiently. If you're a recruiter trying to improve your plan, using the mobile-friendly approach is a smart move – a choice that could help you find the perfect new member for your team.

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Sep 06, 2023
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