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Revolutionize Your Hiring Process with Adaptive ATS

The Next Generation
Applicant Tracking System

At Adaptive ATS, we are aware that finding the right employees is essential to the growth of your company. Thus, we created a unique solution to streamline and improve the hiring process.
Our platform is flexible and simple to use, giving your team the ability to quickly hire top talent. 

Adaptive Ats home dashboard

Unleash the power of
recruitment innovation 

Adaptive ATS makes the hiring process simpler and helps in identifying the ideal candidate for your team, regardless of how big or small your company is.

Ability to customize our Adaptive ATS to meet your unique and specific hiring needs. 

Designed with a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate and use the system without extensive training or technical expertise.

Simplify the hiring process, save time and increase the chances of finding the right candidate for each job opening

Easy to list new Jobs and see every detail regarding the roles.

Advanced search filters will help recruiters to quickly narrow down and target specific candidate requirements

Job board
Adaptive ATS All Clients Dashboard
Adaptive ATS All Users Dashboard
Adaptive ATS All Candidates Dashboard

All in One Platform

With Adaptive ATS, Recruiters and Hiring Managers can enjoy a seamless and intuitive user experience.

You can easily handle Candidates, Clients and Users in one convenient  place. A hassle-free solution that simplifies your workflow, allowing you to manage everything effortlessly within a user-friendly interface.

Seamless Integrations

Mobile friendly ATS

Our  mobile friendly ATS provides convenience and flexibility, enabling recruiters to access candidate profiles, review resumes and collaborate with the team members anytime, anywhere.

google logo

Google Integration

Adaptive ATS seamlessly integrates with Google, enabling easy synchronization of Calendar and Communication through Gmail  

HR Tools

It effortlessly connects with job boards, career sites and other third-party applications, saving you time and eliminating manual data entry

Linkedin Logo

Linkedin Integration

Its integration with LinkedIn gives you a huge advantage by connecting you directly to a vast network of professionals, simplifying recruitment and enhancing your hiring decisions.


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Watford Way, Hendon
London, NW43AU

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