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Latest Talent Acquisition Trends Not to Miss Out in 2023

 work with laptop  from anywhere with the latest hr technology trends

There are many myths circulating about what AI means for the Human Resources industry and recruitment. But instead of replacing recruiters, AI will actually emphasize ‘people skills’. By automating menial tasks, technology allows people to build relationships with candidates, develop strategies, and negotiate.

AI and Recruitment

As you know, AI has affected almost every part of life, even the Human Resources Consulting Industry. 66% of world business leaders and analysts agree AI will drive most innovation in almost every industry over the next 1-5 years. Overall investment in technology is predicted to reach £35.8 billion on average across all sectors by 2025.

Randstad found that 82% of job seekers believe that the best hiring process is a mix between innovative technology and personal connection. An automated recruitment system comes in handy, reducing the possibility of human costly errors. With intelligent automation features, tasks like candidate scoring, and interview scheduling are all streamlined. This way you will save time and resources.

Talent Acquisition Trends

Automated Resume Screening

When it comes to high-volume hiring with a limited time frame, recruitment teams don't have the time to screen all the resumes manually. That’s where automated AI resume screening comes in to ensure that all resumes have been through preliminary screening. It saves recruiters' hours per hire and promises to improve the quality of hire through its self-learning feedback loop. How does AI do that? Automated recruiting tools learn the requirements of a job and the qualities of good candidates based on successful and unsuccessful employees previously or currently in the role.

Intelligent resume screening also applies machine learning to enrich resumes by using public data sources (e.g., prior employers, and social media profiles) to further analyze candidates' skills and personalities. Another advantage is that Human Resources technology can support DEI (diversity, equality, and inclusion). This eliminates unconscious bias during the resume screening process and ensures fair consideration based on qualifications and experience.

Drawback: The system requires a lot of data to learn AI resume screening as accurately as a human recruiter.


Chatbots can ask candidates screening questions about past experience, necessary qualifications, and legal work status. Only after being approved, will they advance the candidate to the next step of the process.‍ Moreover, recruitment and Human Resources Industry chatbots will send real-time updates and helpful feedback to candidates and give them a chance to ask questions about job requirements or recruitment timelines. All 24/7, while you’re not pinned to a time frame.

Digital interviews

AI interview softwares are another new trend that determines whether or not their skills are a match for the position. Digital interviews offer convenience and flexibility. So both parties can conduct and review when best suited.

Essential Attributes to Seek in Your Hiring Tool

  • This might seem like a no-brainer but your Human Resources technology should be cost-effective, especially if you’re a start-up or small business with a limited budget.

  • Make sure to pick a system that doesn’t give you a headache and offers an all-in-one solution. The tool should effortlessly connect you with job boards, career sites, and other third-party applications, saving you time and eliminating manual data entry.

  • Also, it’s better to find an applicant tracking system that is so easy-to-use, it almost feels intuitive for everyone. Even if you have no previous technical expertise in Human Resources Consulting Industry or recruitment.

  • If you want to work on the go, choose an 'e-recruiter' with a mobile application that provides real-time connectivity. It will also allow you access to candidate profiles, review resumes, and collaborate with your team members anytime.

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